About Us

Women’s Studies, or Gender Studies in general, is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on social, cultural, artistic, historical and many other aspects of gender as well as the biological gender differences. This field also aims to develop a critical point of view on the present academic reasearch and knowing styles/manners. The worldwide institutionalization of the multilayered and multifarious Women and Gender Studies in universities as an academic education and research activity, has emerged due to the effect of feminism as a social movement on academic establishments. Today this interdisciplinary field approaches aspects of gender among all fields of human life in feminist or non-feminist and even in multidimensional critical points of views and analysis styles that may have differences from the present feminist approaches. Gender researches consider gender as an analysis category that intends to cover both resent and past societies, and brings different disciplines of humanities and various fields of art and literature together.

Ege University Women's Studies department is an interdisciplinary department established in 1999 within the Social Sciences Institute of Ege University and presents the academic studies focusing on the social, historical, philosophical, psychological, religious and artistic aspects of gender. Our department is executing a graduate program since its establishment in 12th August 1999, which many academicians from different disciplines who think about women and gender are involved and in charge in a voluntarily manner. Being open to applications from every undergraduate degrees, this program is a multidisciplinary program that allows to experience the wholeness, unity and association refered by the name “university”, together with a wide variety of students and academicians.

In this graduate program, students can be able to recognize the multifariousness of feminism theorically and practically, and develop a continuous reflection that enables them to identify the culturally determined and undetermined features of the women and men species. Due to its interdisciplinary structure, students of this graduate program can be able to learn and apply methods and theories of different disciplines while regarding subjects about women and gender.

Graduates of this program will be able to use the knowledge and skills they have gained about women and gender in their academic studies throughout their whole intellectual development process. They will also be able to apply the perspectives they have gained in professions associated with the fields like medicine, law, communication and art.